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4K Mobile Auto Detailing & Car Wash/About us

(Veteran Owned and Operated)

Andres Sanchez


There are so many options when it comes to car care and car washes out there. It can become overwhelming trying to find the "best" car wash or detail service, whatever that may mean. Here at 4K Mobile Auto detailing, we strive to gain our customers trust at every level of car care. Many times customers tell us, " I can see you have a true passion for washing cars." Our response to them is, "Yes, we do take pride in what we do because customer satisfaction is our #1 priority." Our goal is to make you, the customer, feel like you're driving away in your freshly detailed vehicle the same way you drove it off the dealers lot while at the same time, saving you time and money. We strive to fully communicate with my customers and find out exactly what the customer needs and wants.  

What should you expect when we show up?

Because we do run a mobile detailing business, our customers get the convenience of staying home or at work, while we come to them. We always have a short conversation with our customers in person even though we spoke on the phone. So that, we each have a clear visual understanding on what is needed on the vehicle and to also point out any specific items that need to be addressed. We will always show up early so we don't waste your time during your busy schedule. We will complete the work in a timely manner and complete all items that were discussed.