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Variables that will affect pricing

Excessive Dirt/Surface Dirt

As we all know, every car is not created equal. That means dirt, stains, spills, etc., are also not created equal. Excessive dirt build up will absolutely affect the price of a detail. For example, a sedan that has not been cleaned in 6 months versus a sedan that has not been cleaned in 6 years, will require different attention in regards to properly detailing the vehicle. Therefore, both vehicles will not be quoted the same. We like to categorize the types of dirt as "excessive dirt" and "surface dirt". By "dirt" we mean any substance that would a vehicle to be dirty. For example, dirt, mud, stains, food, crumbs, trash, etc.

Surface dirt is exactly what it sounds like. Surface dirt is that of which has not been allowed to sit on the vehicle for a long period of time, therefore it is easier to clean and detail. Either it be on the outside of the vehicle or on seats and carpet for example.

Excessive dirt, is the complete opposite of that. Excessive dirt is that of which has been allowed to sit on the vehicle for a long period of time, therefore making it more difficult to clean and detail. Vehicles with excessive dirt are those that we know as, "family haulers". For the most part they are minivans, SUV's , sedans that are used to cart the kids around. These vehicles tend to have excessive crumbs, dirt, stains, etc., which as a rule, are always more dirty which there really isn't any way around that.

It is also important to understand that one persons clean is another persons dirty. Even though we ask questions over the phone to make every attempt to give an accurate quote over the phone, it is almost impossible to give an exact quote without seeing the condition of the vehicle. Therefore, we give a starting price and give a range depending on what was discussed over the phone. None the less while on the phone, we do give a $100 range above starting price for example, so that the customer is informed and can expect a possibility of a price change upon visually inspecting the vehicle.

Travel Time

As a mobile detailing company, we are accustomed to drive in order to get to a job. However, there are times where we are traveling too far not to charge. As a rule, if the job is located with in 25 minutes of our location, we do not charge a travel rate, however if the job is located outside of that time, we will charge anywhere from $20-$40 depending on the location. **You can also bring your vehicle to us.**